Types of Project Management

Project management is the type of management wherein you use your skills as a project manager and the tools available to completely monitor and oversee the project from start to finish. Management means you should handle every section of the project from the finance aspect to the logistics side of it. You cannot rely on gut feel or anything that is not measurable or quantifiable. As the project manager, you should test each variable and pick the best decision for the project.


As a project manager, you have the option to choose the best project management methodology that you think will best suit your tasks. This means that if you think that getting cheap website traffic is the best option to increase website visitors, then you should choose this and get your whole team into using it. This is what project management is all about. It is about making the right decision for your team and for the project.

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Agile is one of the most popular methodologies that project managers use for managing their tasks. This project management method is usually used for projects that are repetitive. You also use Agile for projects that are incremental. This means that the other aspects of the project add up on the duration of the whole task. It takes a team effort to assess the demand and the requirements of the project, in particular, to the resources needed. This methodology was originally designed to meet the incompetency of the previously popular method used.



Scrum is another project management methodology that your company can opt to use when accomplishing projects. In this methodology, the team comprises of the product owner, the development team, and the scrum master. The product owner represents the customer. It is the voice of the people who will buy the product or get the services. The development team is the one that creates and provides the product. The scrum master is the one that oversees the whole project and makes sure that the team gets it done.

Other project management methodologies are available. You have to take a look at each one and decide, as a company, which one works for which projects.